Paladin Eilwen Firehide




My ancestor, Daro Firehide, earned the name Firehide after fighting and winning in a duel while his clothes were on fire. The legacy of Daro Firehide is great, as he united the draconic tribes against the great dragon, Qelrinn. As the eldest child of my parents, I will take on the title of Khagan after my father. I have two younger twin sisters named Eilwy and Eilweyr that are clerics in the church of Bahamut.

My younger sisters, Eilwy and Eilweyr, joined a group that believes if we summon a ancient dragon to attack us, that Bahamut will come to save us. The gods do not bother with many mortal affaires, and I do not believe that Bahamut will arrive to save us from stupidity. I left The Land of Two Sands, taking with me the knowledge of how to summon the dragon.

I was traveling through Ihe’ena [DOES THAT WORK?] and challenged some tactless man to a duel. Winning this duel, I put him to an honorable death. The city however, was not that of my kind, and they saw killing someone in a duel as ghastly, and I was wrongly imprisoned for it.

Lawful Good

Paladin Eilwen Firehide

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